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Feb. 16th, 2010 02:06 pm
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What was your character's childhood like? How has it influenced them since?

Tosh’s childhood was actually a happy one, and has had quite an influence on her life since. Having been born in the UK, at the age of two her whole family moved to Japan, where both her parents had jobs, and she was brought up there for the next nine years before returning back to the UK. In the novel Trace Memory, we actually get a little glimpse into Tosh’s life in Japan – she had access to her elderly grandmother, and she was being brought up in a traditional Japanese way. Given that this period would have fallen in her formative years, it was bound to have a huge effect on her.

Given her family situation, she is as close to them as she can be. In Captain Jack Harkness, she is obviously looking forward to her grandfather’s 88th birthday (an auspicious one). Even though she can have no contact with her mother, she obviously can and does have some contact with the rest of her family.

She would see the work ethic that would be all around her, especially from her parents, she has taken that away and used it. She works hard, probably harder than anyone else at the Hub, except perhaps Jack. She won’t let a problem get on top of her, she has to solve it. I suppose, all in all, her family has a huge influence on her life, even though she rarely sees them – her whole ethic seems to have come from her time in Japan.

Toshiko Sato
Word Count: 252
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