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Nov. 30th, 2010 09:22 pm
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How did you get into RPing? Why do you still do it?

I began rping a very long time ago, back in the very early days of Stargate SG1. A group of us, all Brits who became friends irl would go online, create OCs, and rp out missions. When we look back on it, all very Mary-Sueesque if we are being honest.

I ended up taking a long break from it (around eight years long), and it was only around three years ago I began to feel the urge again. Fandom had been driving me mad, as it does so many people, and it was Life on Mars fandom that started me first writing again, then back into rp. Tosh was one of the early characters I took up, as I fell in love with her as soon as we were introduced to her, and has always been one of my favourite characters – so much depth to draw from with her. I don't rp with Tosh as much as I should, and that is one of the things I'm hoping to change with her, as I'm currently doing a canon rewatch, and her voice is coming back stronger than ever.


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