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Oct. 31st, 2010 06:56 pm
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Sorry for vanishing off the face of the earth recently - I've been ill and in hospital, but I'm back now!

1 The first time Tosh saw a dead body, it wasn't even human – the human ones she saw later were somehow worse.

2 Although the temptation to leave was there more than once, she knew she never would.

3 The thing Tosh loved most about the job was the variety – you literally didn't know what was coming next.

4 The nights they all sat around, eating Chinese food were some of the memories Tosh held tightly onto.

5 It was rare that Tosh took days off, but when she did, she liked to go to a beach somewhere, looking out over the sea.

6 Protecting her mother became the defining fact of her life.

7 The disadvantage of often behind left behind to be tech support was having time to daydream.
8 It wasn't in Tosh's nature to be jealous, but Gwen sometimes made her tend that way.

9 The flowers she found from Owen after the two days they had lost gave her one of the warmest feelings.

10 She was constantly scared of failing Jack.

11 The most scared she'd been was discovering the Cyberwoman in the basement.

12 After being held in a cell for so many months, Tosh loved the feel of soft fabrics against her skin.

13 She never felt for anyone the way she felt for Owen.

14 The first time she saw an alien, she knew she could never do any other job.

15 Her electricity bill was always higher than anyone else's – too many laptops running at home.
16 Torchwood paid well, but she wasn't in it for the money.

17 She envied the relationship that Gwen and Rhys had, and longed for something like it herself.
18 Jack was her personal saviour – she would always think that about him.

19 The flowers she had found from Owen after the two days they had lost gave her the warmest feelings.

20 The most scared she'd ever been was when the Cyberwoman was discovered in the basement.

21 Myfawny may have been the most unusual pet she'd know, but it certainly kept things interesting.

22 Sometimes Tosh felt the line between reality and fantasy were more blurred than normal.

23 Tosh always wanted to do her best, and as such gave everything in all she did.

24 Making that 'in case of death' video was both the hardest and easiest thing she'd ever done.

25 Suzie's betrayal and death was terrifying – if it could happen to her, it could happen to any one of them.

26 The sight of cherry blossom never failed to bring a smile to her face.

27 Growing old never worried her, but she was slightly vain, and the latest skin care creams were always on her dresser.

28 She wore glasses from the age of seven, and loved them, never considering contacts.

29 Her time in Japan as a child helped to shape her work ethic.

30 She never defined her sexuality – for her, it was purely down to if there was a connection.

31 She never even thought about owning a TV – she could watch the news at work, and at home, radio, books and computers were enough.

32 As a child she would enjoy curling up in her grandfather's arms, just listening to his stories.

33 Those not-dates with Owen, when it was just them down at the pub, two mates talking through the day – she loved them.

34 She would tear through Sudoku puzzles, just to see if there was one that challenged her.

35 Nothing was better at the end of a long day than soaking away the day in a bath.

36 She may have been embarrassed by how she behaved under the influence of the alien necklace, but she didn't regret trying to look into her team mates minds.

37 Coffee was vital to get her through the day – and no one made coffee quite like Ianto.

38 The occasional games of basketball they played were all the sport she really enjoyed.

39 Tosh had to grit her teeth every time they had a dealing with UNIT.

40 Secretly, Jack was her favourite driver – Owen scared her silly, and Ianto and Gwen were never quite the same, but the SUV seemed like an extension of Jack.

41 Sometimes the secrets Jack carried around frustrated her more than she could express.

42 Although she knew the machine she made for the blackmailers would be used for the wrong reasons, she was careful, taking pride in her work.

43 Sometimes sitting behind, waiting on the others was harder than the danger they faced.

44 She knew she shouldn't, but she kept files of all her favourite IM conversations and liked to look at them when she needed cheering up.

45 The time bubble was her pet project, but she didn't even tell Jack about it – he'd have to find out if they ever had to use it.

46 The first time she fired a gun on target was an exhilarating experience.

47 She didn't want any part of the politics that Jack dealt with.

48 The harder the tech to interpret, the more Tosh loved her work.

49 If she had to choose, she pick Mac OS over Windows.

50 Her one regret was that all of this had to end.

Toshiko Sato
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