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October Prompt 1 "Memory is more indelible than ink." Anita Loos

I don't remember.

Three words that terrified Toshiko. She relied on her eidetic memory, and the thought of forty eight hours just vanishing scared her more than she could express. It was unspoken, but if they had ran blood tests on themselves, they all knew they would have found evidence of the retcon pill in their system. There was no apparent reason for it, the Hub was untouched, nothing was missing, just... everything relating to the last two days had been wiped clean.

Well, not quite everything. There were the flowers on her desk, with their message of apology from Owen. Owen had denied it, saying he didn't do flowers, but it was said without with his usual caustic vehemence that usually had Toshiko mentally running for cover.

'What on earth happened here?' she asked herself, trying to work it out. They'd all woken up in the briefing room, apart from Jack, who found them there a few moments later. All confused, worried, but the rest had the attitude of it must have been the right decision. Tosh couldn't shake the feeling of fear at the loss of memory. What could have happened to make them take such a drastic step?

"Leave it, Tosh," Owen had said to her. He'd been watching her for a bit, and could obviously tell what she was thinking.

"Don't you want to know?" she asked.

He paused for a moment. "Yes and no," he said, in a rare moment of truth. "We obviously took the decision for a bloody good reason, though I'd love to know why."

"It's unlike you to be so accepting of a decision like this that Jack made," Tosh pointed out, still rattled by it.

"Maybe, but this one feels like it's the right one. Let's just leave it be, eh?"

Tosh looked at the flowers on her desk. They were beautiful. "Well there is one thing."

"What's that?" Owen said suspiciously.

"You'd never have bought me flowers any other way."

Toshiko Sato
Word Count: 344
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"I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow." ­- Woodrow Wilson

Children, stop squabbling... )

Toshiko Sato
Words: 974
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Prompt 50.3 Have your character describe the same event to two different people - think about how what they say differs between each person

So, what happened? )

Toshiko Sato
378 words
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Prompt 46.3 What's your first memory?


I was two and a half years old. We’d moved to Osaka about six months earlier, and it was spring. Grandmother kept telling me that there was a special time coming, that I would see the most beautiful thing I could ever see. Even father was looking forward to it. It was time for the cherry blossom festivals.

In later years, I would learn how eagerly the festival is awaited in Japan, that the television would bring updates of the sakura zensen as it moved northwards across Japan. I would avidly watch the weather reports, waiting to see how close to Osaka the cherry blossom front had moved today. I’d learn how important the festival was to everyone, the meanings behind it.

But I will always remember the first time I saw sakura trees.

There were thousands of people walking towards the ‘Cherry Blossom Lane’ in the Japan Mint gardens. It’s the most popular place in Osaka to view the precious flowers. I remember I started off holding my mother’s hand, but in the end my father picked me up and carried me, for fear of losing me in the crowd. I could sense the excitement in the air as we walked along.

And suddenly I saw them. A vast area of white. The thousands of trees in the garden were all in bloom, and each one looked like a fluffy white cloud. I wriggled in my father’s arms, trying to get a better look. At some point my mouth must have dropped open in surprise, as he gently closed it with a smile at me. I remember looking up at the tops of the trees and the occasional flower dropping quietly onto me.

As we walked along, my father quietly told me about sakura, though it was only when I was older that I understood what he was saying. “The flowers don’t live for long, Toshiko. A week at most, then they wither and die. They are there to remind us about life. The beauty and joy the flowers bring are only there for such a short time, and then they fade and die. Life is much the same. A quiet beginning, a brief burst of joy, and then we die.”

Toshiko Sato
Word count: 373
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Prompt: Gut feeling

I hate Emily Dickinson.

I was never a great poetry reader anyway, preferring either classics or science based books. But after being forced to listen to Dickinson’s poetry for what seemed like hours when we were in lockdown, while counting down the minutes of a friend’s life? ‘Because I could not stop for Death' is seared into my brain.

Of course, it could partially be my feelings for Suzie talking. I mean, the woman first of all killed innocent strangers to make sure she had a plentiful supply of violent death to test the glove. She had already set in place a sequence of events that would take place three months after her death, forcing us to revive her. When she came back, I avoided her. Couldn’t look at her. She called me judgemental, which I suppose I was. Wouldn’t you if someone you trusted turned out to do something horrific like taking a life? Owen just claimed that she ‘scared the fuck out of him’.

But, I knew her. Knew her well enough to work out that she would have had to have a way to get out of the lockdown already set in place. Just in case. ISBN was an odd thing to try, but it seemed logical given what we were dealing with. If you looked at what she was doing with Gwen, a complete opposite, using numbers instead of words seemed just right, logical even. But then, logic and gut feeling can be one and the same, can’t they?

Toshiko Sato
Word count: 253


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